5  Manhattan, KSBeach Museum of Art



12  Kansas City, KSHQ with David Williams

23  Cincinnati, OH |  Experimental Music at the Librarywith Sontag Shogun & Diving Bell
24  Pittsburgh, PA |  MODERN FORMATIONSwith Sontag Shogun, Vox Robotica & Dream Weapon
25  Akron, OH |  Rubber City Noise Cavewith Sontag Shogun & HolyKindOf
26  Washington, D.C.Union Arts with Sontag Shogun, Radiator Greys & Br’er
27  Philadelphia, PA |  Pageant Soloveev Gallery with Sontag Shogun, Drums Like Machine Guns & Kate Ferencz


01  Brooklyn, NYBody Actualized with Sontag Shogun & Live Storytellers from the TALE Collective plus a scented installation by Catherine Métayer
03  Hudson, NY |  Spotty Dog Books & Aleswith Sontag Shogun & Patrick Higgins
04  Philadelphia, PA |  Major Oak, with Skeleton Lipstick / Halcyon Chamber / Feralcope / 185668232 w/ Live Art
06  Louisville, KY |  Dreamlandwith Rachel Short & Tim Barnes


14  Kansas City, KSHQ with Jon Mueller & Justin Wright


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